4 Ways to lead life with positivity and zeal

Our lives lead us into different situations each day. Some days, we are fear-mongering over things that don't truly exist in the physical but certainly in our minds. Other days, we are offered opportunities to bring out the best in us. Now, it is up to us how we perceive these situations.

A negative person will always complain that they never have it the easy way, a positive person will always welcome whatever comes its way. Come what may, there are ways for you to channel your energies towards positivity and optimism. Here are 4 effective ways to be an optimistic person in life.

Start your day with a positive affirmation:

Starting your day with focusing on the positives is imperative. And doing so is quite simple, physically. For instance, my smart phone's lock screen and home screen both have a positive quote on it. So, when I wake up and unlock my phone that is the first thing I see.

Another way to start your day positively is chanting positivity affirmations. Here are a couple of affirmations that you can chant when you rise each day.

a. Today is my day.

b. I am better than yesterday

c. I am wise and beautiful

d. Happiness is my best friend

e. I am positive

You can also have photo frames hung on your wall with such positive quotes that you can read each day. Place them on the wall opposite your bed, so that your eye meets them whenever you wake up.

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Focus on the good, however small

There is no such thing as a perfect day; you will invariably encounter obstacles each day. However, focusing on the positive side to this is imperative in transforming your day into a beautiful one.

For instance, you visit a grocery store only to find the items you needed are out of stock, think of it as a sign for you try something new that day or simply an excuse to order your favourite food for dinner :)

Consider failures as lessons learnt

This is the most important one of the entire positivity list. And trust me, I can vouch for this. I am a live example of classic failures in life. In fact, I am a failing wreck, time and again. But, each time I fail, I get to learn from them. My mistakes account as an experience to what I can better the next time I try something.

I started a business, it failed. I started again with another module, it failed again. After 3 failed attempts of being an entrepreneur, I now have three different businesses and/or brands that I bootstrapped since 2018. Each time I failed, I learnt what mistakes I was doing and learnt skills and means to better them so that I don't experience failure again.

As they say, failure is a stepping stone to success (well, my friend, that quote is true to its heart)

Surround yourself among people with a progressive mindset.

Have you had friends that tell you something you aspire to achieve isn't possible? Have you been around people who try to pull you down, who don't respect your dreams? Who's mindset deter and hinders your productivity and thought process? Well, these are people that grew with a regressive mindset. The best thing to do at this point is distancing yourself from regressive minds and be among those that challenge you in a positive way. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you!

BONUS: Read self-improvement books on positivity and how to better yourself as an individual.

One of the first to starting Hola Spirited was to teach what I have learnt over the years. But only recently did I find myself growing an affinity towards self-help books. All these years, I have read books only to entertain my mind. But, when 2020 began I started indulging in books that helped better myself as an individual, that grew my perspective about everything in life, that helped me heal my past wounds and that made me be a mindful, thoughtful and progressive person.

Yes, books are magical. They are rainbows in an overcast with infinite capacities. They truly bring out the best in people. I shall soon share my absolute favourite books from 2020 and why you must read them in the coming days.

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