A Mindfulness Based Youtube Channel Awaits You!

Over the past few months, each one of us have gone through spikes of mental health and wellness, days where we were clueless about the future and weeks where we didn't feel like working at all. You are not alone, I was in the same storm as you.

I cannot say, we are in the same boats because our situations may differ, I may be more privileged over the pandemic than you were or vice versa, nonetheless, we all are currently under the same storm.

With that being said, I have decided to begin a Youtube Channel that allows you to experience peace and comfort like no other. It will take you through dialogues of inspiration, words of motivations, and visuals that appeal to your heart and mind.

The channel will go under the same brand name of Hola Spirited, Hola meaning Hello and Spirited meaning someone full of enthusiasm and energy. So, let's all churn our inner bosses and do something great for once this year.

Here's how you can access resources, hit on the link here - HOLA SPIRITED YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK

What will our channel include?

  1. Talks and Tips on Mental Health, Productivity and Creativity

  2. Tips on Productive Routine

  3. Morning Wakeup and Evening Windup Routines

  4. Discussions on mindfulness

  5. Finding your Ikigai

  6. Learning the balance between work and play

  7. so on and so forth.

Are you excited to step into this journey with us? Because we certainly are!

Let's get through this together now!


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