How to stop worrying about what others think!

There is a universal desire to be accepted, appreciated, loved by those around you.

We want people to know who we are and what makes us worth that appreciation. We seek validation and eventually when these validations do not meet our expectations, we are saddened.

Today, I wish to address this issue of how you can be a go-getter without seeking validation or worrying about what others think. Be it for your personality, for your choice of music, for the clothes you wear, for the words you chose, for the brands you support or simply for being the raw real you. Your personality is to you, and their opinions to themselves. And here are ways on how you can win this fear-mongered battle between validation, gratification and your social circle.

People will always say, let them do it.

Acceptance! The first step to understanding the issue is to be accepting of the fact that people will always have something to say. And you cannot silence their opinions, all you can do is ignore it.

Creating a healthy mindset

We all lead our lives with one or other insecurities. It’s said that people would care a lot less about what others think about them if they knew how little others think about them. And it’s true: because there is only a little that can occupy our mind.

So, if something as simple as 'meeting someone for the first time and wondering what is their impression about you' worries you, you must know that is the exact thing the person on the other end worries about too. It is human nature. It is fine. You are fine. Don't think too much.

Be around supportive people

Find your tribe. Know who appreciate you the way you are, love you for you, regardless of how you look, who you are or anything that creates insecurities within you. It is a fruitless pursuit to be around those that want you to conform to their wishes and wants. Let go of people who make you think that there is something less about you and/or you are not enough.

Accept yourself

Perfection isn't the key. It is okay to live with flaws, be vulnerable and accept yourself first. The rest comes later. One of the craziest things about this worry-some mindset is that we build it ourselves. In our pursuit to be like SOMEONE or be YOUR PERFECT VERSION is that we tend to forget we are humans, after all; snowflakes, each unique and beautiful and different in our own ways.

Be at the receiving end of help

Some of us find it difficult to find ourselves receiving the help we actually need. We shy away from the concept of counselling and therapy thinking what others would think if they knew you needed therapy. You are not crazy, there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Mental health is a serious issue, and you must address it immediately.

I hope these tips are fruitful and help you better to address your mental health issues. If you or someone you know needs assistance in bringing out a healthier version of you, feel free to send an email to and we shall connect you with the right person.


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