The Idea Of Living A Simple Life

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Living a simple life is all about creating a lifestyle and a mindset to make your life smooth. Some people even name this as living a minimalist lifestyle, which includes decluttering your spaces and donating. The best part is now in 2021, many people encourage to live a simple life that helps them from stress, anxiety, depression and more like this.

Simple living is all about finding happiness in what you have and putting quality over quantity. The main motto is to value the things you already have in your life rather than chasing something that society expects from you.

Why Being Simple Is Better?

In this digital world where all our friends and relatives spend most of their time online, compete to get bigger, richer, and better. But the truth is they are in a race and they have no idea where they are heading to.

But I can’t complain entirely, our lives have been better and easier with the help of technology. Though it’s easier, most of the time we feel empty, sad, alone and demotivated. This is our life now where we encounter sleepless nights, work pressure, anxiety and no hope.

This is why you should consider living a simpler life that has all the good things that benefit you. But how do you get started? Follow these simple things and you will find your way to a simple yet happier life.

  • Declutter your home

  • Prioritize your tasks

  • Live with your means

  • Buy less

  • Stop comparing

  • Reduce online time

  • Follow a daily routine

  • Eat healthier

  • Appreciate what you have

By changing your lifestyle, you will be less stressed and more organized than before. These are some steps you can take in your life to live a simple life.

Declutter Your Digital Space

This is the simplest yet effective thing to do. Limiting your smartphone usage. So, how can you actually take time off your smartphone?

  • Take a regular social detox: For the best result, log out of all your social media accounts and keep your phone away on weekends and spend time with real people.

  • Unsubscribe the newsletters you don’t even open: I know not everyone is reading all the newsletters they subscribed to. So better, unsubscribe the ones you don’t read anymore to not feel guilty for leaving them unread.

  • Don’t place your phone next to you when sleeping: This will keep your mind quiet when waking up without all the notifications that buzz. You can sleep peacefully and get up fresher.

  • Delete apps you don’t use: This will make your phone looks lighter by removing all the apps that don’t serve you anymore. Helps you feel less overwhelmed.

Declutter You Home

For most people, their simple life starts with removing all the extra things. When you declutter and organize belongings that take up extra space in your home, it will fine-tune your next part of life. Cleaning up your table or wardrobe will become an addicting experience once you see the post-declutter results.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking means more than two tasks at the same time. So ultimately more stress. Work goes slower when you focus on doing so many things at once. For example, you are painting and you brew a coffee at the same time while speaking with a friend. The result - you are still stuck with your painting for a long time without completing it.

Instead of multitasking, prioritize your work from the most important to the least. Keep a small notepad with you to jot down your to-do list, so that you won’t miss any.

Find Joy In The Simplest Thing

It can be simple as writing, reading, singing, eating mindfully, walking or anything you love to do for yourself. Most of these simple things won’t cost you anything, yet you find happiness in it. By practising simple things in your daily life, you can let go of everything that burdens your mind and keep it fresh and active.

Learn To Say No

When someone you follow on Instagram does something, you may feel like doing the same. But, most of the time you just do it because of someone but not because you really needed to.

The reason is your mind love to say yes to all things. But the truth is you don’t need to say yes all the time. Instead, think clearly before making a decision. If that certain thing won’t serve you, then say no. This will help you from feeling overwhelmed.

These are not the only ways for living a simple life. The best are the ones you do for yourself on your own. Try these simple steps to see a change in your lifestyle. I’m sure, you will find the meaning of your life soon.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo Da Vinci


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