VIDEO: Introducing Hola Spirited

I finally took the leap and started a Youtube Channel that shall help you guys find the resources to ideas and perspectives that will eventually help you lead a mindful proactive life.



INTRODUCTION - Hola Spirited

Hello Loves,

My Name is Niki and Welcome to Hola Spirited!

<CUE> Hola Spirited Introduction

Hola Spirited is going to be my sacred space on the internet where I get to share my journey and everything I learn through taking simple steps with an active growth mindset. This space is going to allow you to join with me on an exploration of love, life, passion, purpose, growth and abundance.

We are going to focus on 4 Major Pillars of Life, simply, Mindfulness, Balance, Optimism and Ikigai (purpose). I believe that every person has been offered the same set of opportunities in life and it is upto us to make the most out of them

At Hola Spirited, I am going to help you find these subtle hints that lead you to your opportunities and help shape you as a better person, grow your mind and nourish your soul.

I would love to learn more from you and your thoughts of the journey you are currently in. You could choose to email me at or simply DM me on to discuss the same. I'll try my best to answer as many queries as possible. Also, don't forget to check my website at and help yourself with the resources available on the site.

Come onboard with me as we traverse through the highs and lows of life, experience passion like never before and head to a space that keep us safe, calm and sane amidst all the chaos!

For starters, I shall be posting 1 video each week and slowly steadily move up and add more videos to the week :)

So, if this is something that's making you really excited and amped up and if you truly wish to transform your life for the better, do subscribe to my channel, leave a like and share your thoughts in the comments below.

See you around, bye!


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